Virtual Receptionist Call Answering

Virtual receptionist is a telephone answering service that is widely used by small businesses that don't want a full time in-house receptionist. The virtual receptionist can handle all calls, or take over when your lines are busy or you're unavailable. The virtual receptionist will answer your call, take a message and usually pass on the message by e-mail, text or fax.

Full Service Call Answering

Our fully staffed call centre can handle calls for your business 24 hours a day. We'll answer customer enquiries in your company name according to your instructions and pass on messages by e-mail, text or fax. We can also provide fulfilment services and diary management if required.

No More Missed Calls

Did you know: eight out of ten new callers won't leave a voicemail message ? Similarly, eight out of ten new callers will try the next number in the book if they get busy tone.

A missed call is a missed opportunity. By answering your calls promptly and professionally every time, we can help you turn your calls into profitable business.

Easy Setup

You can choose whether you want to have us field all your calls or just help out of hours or when you're busy. Need holiday cover ? We can do that too.

All you need to do is set up a call diversion for the conditions you want (all calls, no answer, busy) and the calls will get put through to us.

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